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Learn how to leverage AI in Customer Behavior Analysis

Predicting Customer Behavior with Artificial Intelligence

Learn how to perform Customer Behavior Analysis using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. We will explain it in detail using an AI-based customer behavior prediction model, so you can see clearly how...

Learn how to deal with legacy systems in your organization

Legacy Systems Modernization: Unifying Data for Future Success

This is our detailed guide on Legacy Systems Modernization, which will explain exactly why you should go for digital transformation, how to achieve it, and what business value you will receive by embracing...

SPD Group’s Engagement Models To Build A Lasting Partnership

Engagement Models in the Software Development Industry

Learn about three IT engagement models that our software development company uses to collaborate with our clients and build the products of their dreams.

How to Use AI and Machine Learning in Fraud Detection

How to Use Machine Learning for Fraud Detection

Machine Learning in Fraud Detection is a powerful tool that is likely to become the ultimate solution for the E-Commerce and Banking sectors of the world in the near future.

Learn how AI and ML can benefit Manufacturing industry

AI and Machine Learning in the Manufacturing Industry

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are disrupting Manufacturing Industry. Learn how top companies are boosting their processes in real-world use cases.

Learn how Machine Learning unlocks the power of predictive maintenance

Predictive Maintenance with Machine Learning: A Complete Guide

Read about the 6 benefits and 4 most common use cases of Predictive Maintenance with Machine Learning. The technology is gaining more popularity with its outstanding ability to prevent failures and downtimes before...

The In-depth Guide to E-commerce Fraud Detection – Updated

E-commerce Fraud Detection and Prevention: The In-Depth Guide

The 2020 Guide to E-commerce fraud detection will introduce you to the best E-commerce security practices, types of E-commerce fraud, and valuable tips for merchants as well as AI-based fraud prevention tools and...

Find out how AI and Machine Learning can transform Retail industry

5 Most Valuable Applications of Machine Learning in Retail

Learn about the 5 most valuable applications of Machine Learning in retail, marketing and business in general. AI-based automated and advanced solutions, from churn prevention to risk assessment, will drive businesses of today...

Learn all the details on Demand Forecasting in Retail

Demand Forecasting in Retail with Machine Learning

Discover 6 vital tips on how Consumer Demand Forecasting can secure your business strategy along with the 5 determinants of demand, the 2 major types and methods, as well as real-world examples.