Serhii Leleko

Serhii Leleko

ML & AI Engineer at SPD Technology

Serhii Leleko has been helping SPD Technology to deliver innovative Artificial intelligence projects for over 5 years. His domain expertise includes Finance, Banking, Retail, Mass Media, and Manufacturing industries. Possessing strong analytical and critical thinking skills, he researches and implements Deep Learning, Machine learning, and statistical approaches to solve business problems for our clients.

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    About the author

    I obtained several high degrees in Radio Technics and Math in 2010. In parallel with starting my IT career, I continued as a lecturer and an Associate Professor at the University until 2021. 

    My journey with SPD Technology began in 2019 when I joined the company and became the core member of the R&D-ML team. Having expertise in Machine Learning frameworks including PyTorch, Tensorflow, Keras, and Scikit-Learn, during the years I gained a lot of experience in Deep Learning architectures, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Speech Recognition, Ranking and Recommendation, Time Series Analysis, SQL, MongoDB and Google Cloud Platform, and more specifically the ML Engine.

    While I consider myself a technical expert, I always focus on delivering business value and solving business problems to provide actionable and data-driven insights.