Roman Chupryna

Roman Chupryna

Technical Journalist at SPD Technology

For more than 6 years, Roman Chupryna has been contributing to SPD Technology blog development by crafting compelling articles and expertise-centric case studies. He conducts interviews with tech experts and shares an expert insight into the latest trends in software development, project outsourcing, technological progress and digital transformation. His two Master’s Degrees in Enterprise Economy and English, as well as eCommerce background help him create content that resonates with both business and tech people.

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    About the author

    I started my career in IT, after obtaining two higher university degrees in Economy of Enterprise and English, as well as a short stint working in eCommerce. My journey in SPD Technology kicked off in 2018 when I took on blog articles on the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based on in-depth interviews with our innovative teams. 

    Now, I am working closely with Delivery Managers, Project Managers, and Software Developers to share with our readers hands-on experience in Software Development, Outsourcing, Fintech, Banking, E-Commerce, Retail, LegalTech, and many other industries. 

    What drives me is the fact that I have an opportunity to build long and thoughtful conversations with people who develop innovative products that change the world of technology and share this unique information with our readers.

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