Dmytro Tymofiiev

Dmytro Tymofiiev

Delivery Manager at SPD Technology

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    About the author

    Dmitriy Timofeev joined the company in the capacity of a Project Manager in 2015 and initially took over an internal HR application development project. During the following several years, he worked on several different projects, including the development of a sophisticated personal finance app, the integration of multiple eCommerce software assets for the branded payment technology provider BHN, and, finally, a project for PitchBook Inc.

    Eventually, in 2020, Dmitriy became a Delivery Manager and joined a major project in the Insurtech industry. Overall, during the course of his career, Dmitriy has been involved in managing software development projects in the E-Commerce, Fintech, and Hospitality industries.

    Dmitriy Timofeev’s responsibilities, as a Delivery Manager, include initial communication with clients, being involved during the pre-sale stage, preparing proposals, offers, and quotations, preparing workshops and discovery phases, building development teams, performing project, team, and delivery management duties, maintaining an effective communication process between all the parties involved.


    “My main goal is building long-term relationships with clients, covering all their business needs, and exceeding their expectations. I do my best to make SPD Group their only logical choice of a software development service provider.”


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