Oleksandr Boyko

Oleksandr Boyko

Delivery Director at SPD Technology

Oleksandr Boiko has been helping FinTech and eCommerce businesses worldwide build innovative technological projects for more than 15 years. His main expertise areas are digital payments and mobile commerce solutions development. Possessing a strong technical and business background, he excels as a Delivery Director with keen ability to analyze software development challenges from diverse perspectives.

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    About the author

    I started my career in the IT industry in 2006, during the final year of obtaining a Computer Science and Information Technology degree. My journey in SPD Technology began in 2006, as a Junior Software Developer. I spent around 7 years  in a company growing to  a Senior Java Developer and Java Team Lead. My main responsibilities gradually shifted from programming to management activities, eventually upgrading my position to Delivery Director in 2023.

    My experience as a developer, manager, and person responsible for delivery, provides me with a holistic view of the software development process and outsourcing, which I gladly share in our blog articles.

    I am a strong believer that we need to highlight our insights on crafting software solutions to push the IT industry forward, so I am glad to have the opportunity to contribute my experience working with Blackhawk Network, NimbleCommerce, and Poynt.

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