Case Studies

Find out how we developed a modern solution for the insurance industry
Case Study: Developing a Workers’ Compensation Insurance Solution
Check out how we’ve enhanced a U.S. company’s workers’ compensation insurance solution to enable a new level of legal and...
Learn all the details about our recent project
Case Study: Developing a High-Scale SMB Funding Platform
Learn about how we’ve helped a Western lender expand their market presence by developing a feature-rich SMB funding platform.
Developing a High-Scale, White-Label eCommerce Platform for a Silicon Valley Technology Startup
Case Study: White-Label eCommerce Platform Development
Discover how we’ve managed to develop a white-label eCommerce platform for a Silicon Valley startup that allows merchants to create...
Find out how we helped
Case Study: Digital Construction Platform Development
Discover how we’ve automated the complex and intricate business processes of a U.S. construction technology provider to support growth and...
Learn how SPD Group helped BHN
Case Study: Integrating Multiple Software Assets for Payment Tech Provider
Learn about how we’ve integrated 8 different eCommerce software systems for a global leader in branded payment technology, and created...
An AI Drone Inspection Platform
Case Study: AI Drone Inspection Platform Development
Take a couple of minutes to learn how we’ve designed and developed a powerful AI drone inspection platform for a...
Learn how SPD Group helped Poynt
Case Study: Omnicommerce Merchant Solution Development
Learn how we’ve built a disruptive omni-commerce solution for a Palo Alto startup that has automated the business processes of...
Case Study: Medical Device Simulators Development
From this case study, you will learn how our software development team of 15 experts is helping a Swiss multinational...
Developing a B2B mobile application for a leading Eastern-European Logistics and Customs Brokerage company
Case Study: App Development for Logistics and Customs Brokerage Company
How our team has helped a leading customs and logistics brokerage by developing a mobile app that automates their complex...