Case Studies

Learn the details on Legal Shelf case study
Case Study: Custom LegalTech Solution for a Mexican Client
Read about how our team has built from scratch a complex B2B LegalTech solution that has become a success on...
Appsec Phoenix
Case Study: Vulnerability Management Platform Development
See how we’ve handled the end-to-end development of an innovative comprehensive vulnerability management platform that allows our UK-based client to...
Space Needle Building An AR Mobile App For The Seattle Landmark
Case Study: AR Mobile App for the Seattle Landmark Space Needle
Learn how we built from scratch a mobile application based on Augmented Reality and 4D technologies for Space Needle.
TimeTracker An HR Tech Solution by SPD Group
Case Study: HR Tech Solution Development
Learn about the development of an automated software tool with reporting functionality that allows the organization to monitor the activities...
Mogami Case Study
Case Study: Personal Financial App Development
Learn how SPD Technology leveraged the latest technologies and helped to create a Progressive Web Application from scratch for a...
Finance Web App
Case Study: Streamlining an Investment Platform
Learn how the SPD Technology collaborated on turning an investment management portal with equity research tools and reports into a...
Case Study: Connectivity Software Solution Development
Learn how SPD Technology is collaborating on developing a module system, the world’s first Software-Defined Connectivity (SDC) solution, for Telecom...
Digital Learning Platform for the eLearning Industry
Case Study: eLearning Platform Development for a Startup
Learn how SPD Technology helped create from scratch a digital learning platform for improving the experience of students and instructors.
Learn how SPD Group helped American financial services company
Case Study: Enchancing the Productivity of an Asset Management Company
Check out how we’ve approached the task of increasing the overall productivity of a U.S. asset management company that manages...