Alla Radziun

Alla Radziun

Team Leader at SPD Technology

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    About the author

    Alla Radziun started her IT career as a Project Manager at SPD Group in 2020. Her first project was GLD/Mogami, a personal financial health product. Alla managed the delivery of Custom Software Development Services, Testing, and Progressive Web application development.

    In April 2021, Alla expanded her area of responsibilities by taking on a project in the LegalTech industry. She managed the development of a feature-rich B2B LegalTech solution (including an API Platform, a Web application, and a mobile application (iOS) for LegalShelf, the innovative Mexico city-based LegalTech provider.

    During the course of her career, Alla Radziun engaged in managing software development processes in projects for the Banking, Automotive, and Transportation industries, including the development of a mobile app for city navigation. Her responsibilities at SPD Group also include communicating with clients and developers, performing task and budget planning, creating documentation, participating in the hiring process, and defining the composition of the project team.

    Quote:I help our clients receive a fully functioning product and make sure that both the client and our experts are enjoying the development process and the end result. It is my priority to make the process comfortable for everyone, keeping the developers motivated and clients satisfied.”