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Oleksandr Boyko holds an MA degree in Computer Science and Information Technology. He started his career in the IT industry in 2006, yet during his final year at the university. In 2007, Oleksandr joined SPD Group in the capacity of a junior developer and had spent more than a decade at the company as a Java software engineer, having become a Senior Java developer in 2009.

In 2010, Oleksandr Boyko became a Java Team Lead at SPD Group. Later on, Oleksandr’s main responsibilities gradually shifted to management activities, which resulted in him becoming a Delivery Manager in 2016. In 2023, Oleksandr was promoted to the position of Delivery Director of SPD Group.

Since that time, Oleksandr Boyko has taken part in several challenging projects that involved 30-80 of SPD Group’s software developers. Among others, these projects include the development of an innovative, white-label B2B eCommerce platform, the integration of multiple eCommerce software assets, and the development of an Omnicommerce payment solution.

In some of the projects he’s taken part in, Oleksandr has simultaneously supervised the performance of several dedicated development teams, managed by other Project Managers (a total of up to 40 experts).

In addition to around 15+ years of experience in the Fintech and eCommerce industries, Oleksandr Boyko’s overall IT experience also includes LegalTech and Fintech projects.

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