How We Helped LegalTech Company with Improving Payment Systems Integration

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  • Improving Experience For 20 Million Customer Base: created designs and developed dashboards, as well as customizable notifications and alert features to maximize customer experience.
  • Expanding Payment Options For The Client: introduced a new payment system integration, as well as integration of two new payment methods to increase business reach for the client, and convenience for the customers.
  • Boosting Security: developed a solution with complex business logic to minimize the product’s vulnerability to bot attacks aimed at stealing financial information.


The client is an online legal technology company that provides individuals and small to medium-sized businesses with access to legal documents, legal information, and attorney services. The company was founded in 2018 and operates as a platform that offers a range of legal services, including:

  • Document creation
  • Legal Advice and Consulting
  • Business Formation Support
  • Legal Health Assessment
  • Education and Information
  • Collaboration and E-Signing.

Our client has a mission to provide affordable, simplified legal services and make the process of creating documents easy for the customers, with the most popular documents being in the categories of Business and Contracts, Real Estate, and Family and Personal.

Team Size:


The product, an online platform, provides accessible, affordable, and customizable legal services to individuals, small businesses, startups, freelancers, and non-profit organizations.

Key components of the product include:

  • Document Builder
  • Legal Health Score
  • Customer Support
  • Legal Advice and Consultation Services
  • Electronic Signature Support
  • Business Formation Tools
  • Collaboration Features.

Goals and objectives

  • Build and Support Payment System and Methods:

Establish and maintain a robust payment system and two additional payment methods within the product, helping to create a seamless and secure process for users to make financial transactions.

Project challenge

  1. Traffic Filtering from Bots:
    Eliminate security and usability threats from bots abusing a user’s form with credit card information.
  2. Monitoring and Locking Bots:
    Detect and prevent bot activities before they will be able to do any significant damage to the system. 
  3. Dashboard and Alerts Implementation:
    Deliver effective visualization, monitoring, and alerting tools for the product.


We were entrusted with this project due to our extensive experience in LegalTech, as well as broad experience with FinTech projects. We leveraged an outstaffing cooperation model, designating two of our top Back-end software development engineers for the job. Our engineers were incorporated into the client’s payment team, working in cohesion with internal team members and focusing on the payment-related aspects of the product. 

The project was managed in Jira, and executed using SCRUM methodology with sprints, plannings, and other necessary sessions, while all design and communication were conducted in Figma.

Our team focused on Stripe payment system integration, as well as implementing ACH and IBAN payment methods to the product.

We implemented a dashboard and alerting system using Prometheus, an open-source monitoring and alerting toolkit, and Grafana, a popular open-source platform for monitoring and observability. This covered the need of our client for effective visualization, monitoring, and alerting to stay on top of system performance and security.

In parallel with developing dashboards, alerts, and notifications, our engineer created a logic for traffic filtering from the bot attacks. 

We integrated parameter analytics requests with a rating system from 0 to 100, implementing a mechanism to analyze incoming traffic, using parameters like user behavior, IP addresses, and other relevant data. The rating system helps assign a numerical value to each request, allowing the system to quickly assess the likelihood of it being a legitimate or bot-generated request. Based on the rating, the system can then take appropriate actions.

Tech Stack

  • Java WebJava
  • React.js WebReact.js
Third Parties
  • Spring Third PartiesSpring
  • Hibernate  Third PartiesHibernate
  •  Gradle Third Parties Gradle
  • Spring Security Third PartiesSpring Security
  • Redux Third PartiesRedux
  • React Router Third PartiesReact Router
  • Material-UI Third PartiesMaterial-UI
  • Auth0 Third PartiesAuth0

Our results

We have successfully delivered the planned scope of work for our client in 10 months, and our engineers are currently waiting for new existing challenges for this project.

  1. Improved Security of the Traffic: implemented sophisticated business logic for effective traffic filtering from the bots, preventing abuse and ensuring the highest security of the payment platform. 
  2. Payment System and Payment Methods Integration: successfully facilitated secure and versatile payment options for users through integration with Stripe and introducing ACH and IBAN payment methods. 
  3. Improved Visibility of The Transactions: provided users with visibility into their transactions thanks to the introduction of client dashboards and customizable alert functionality to the product. 
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