Developing a B2B Legaltech Solution for a LATAM Startup

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  • Implementation of Complex Document Search Functionality: successfully implemented advanced document search functionality, catering to the complexities of efficient information retrieval.
  • Large-Scale Data Migration: executed a seamless large-scale data migration, ensuring the smooth transition of extensive data sets with precision and accuracy.
  • Challenging External Integrations: overcame challenges in integrating with external systems, achieving seamless connectivity and collaboration across diverse platforms.
  • Client-Requested Changes to System Functionality: responsively incorporated client-requested changes to the already developed system functionality, showcasing adaptability and commitment to meeting evolving needs.


Our client, LegalShelf, is a Mexico-city-based B2BLegaltech provider, established by legal professionals and catering to the Latin-American market. Their customer base includes some of the Fortune 50 Transnational Companies operating in Mexico in the Telecommunications, Tech Manufacturing, and Tech Consulting sectors, as well as  a growing roster of mid-market Mexican companies in the Manufacturing and Retail industries.  
The company got referred to SPD Technology by a major client of ours. 

Team Size:


LegalShelf’s new B2B LegalTech solution is a complex Web-based software platform that allows their clients to comprehensively and securely manage and exchange legal documents. 

The system allows collaborating on legal documents in real time. It uses strong encryption for all the document-related operations. The solution also makes it possible to share documents with external process actors by inviting them as guests on a temporary basis. 

The task management functionality allows creating tasks and assigning them to other users. Users can create tasks that are related to a legal document’s signature, renewal, or the updating of the information the document contains. Any task can be assigned a reminder date to notify the appropriate person(s) when the task becomes due.

To enable full-value user interactions within the platform, LegalShelf’s solution provides a complex user role hierarchy with different access rights for the different user roles.

Goals and objectives

The primary goal of the project was to equip LegalShelf with a comprehensive solution that would enable them to emerge as a highly competitive provider in their national and other LATAM markets. 

  • Develop a feature-rich web application that allows businesses in various industries to securely store, exchange, sign, and otherwise manage legal documents.
  • Integrate the resulting solution with 3 other external solutions from different providers to make it a full-service system.   
  • Gradually expand the solution over time as the client’s business needs grow.

Project challenge

  1. The client’s marketing campaign imposed quite a tight deadline on the solution’s delivery. To meet this deadline and enable the client to kick off their marketing campaign, SPD Technology’s project team put in an additional effort to deliver the initial version of the solution just 5 months after the project’s start.  
  2. The system’s Advanced Search was quite challenging to implement because of the large number of diverse criteria one can use to make a search. To incorporate these criteria, we’ve implemented a corresponding number of data fields for the different document types and sub-types. 
  3. During the development, the client made several requests to further expand different parts of the system’s already developed functionality. Such changes included adding push notifications, more user roles, and an admin panel.
  4. The need to integrate the solution with 3 external applications posed a noteworthy challenge too. To integrate with the eSignature provider Mifiel, our project team had to interact with them directly. It was also quite time- and effort-consuming to select suitable labeling software and then perform the integration with it without any APIs available. 
  5. The challenges we’ve encountered also included implementing the full language support for Spanish, Portuguese, and English


To implement the project, SPD Technology curated a dedicated project team comprising a Project Manager, a software architect, a business analyst, a UI designer, two backend developers, and two frontend developers.

We adopted the Agile methodology, fostering direct communication between our team and the client’s CTO to optimize interactions. Currently, our project team is actively involved in expanding the client’s solution to accommodate their evolving business needs and future plans.

For infrastructure, we embraced a serverless solution utilizing AWS Lambda for its high availability, out-of-the-box scalability, and versioning support facilitating easy deployment. Service charges are incurred only for the utilized resources, ensuring cost-effectiveness during development and testing.

Our database choice, PostgreSQL, was driven by its suitability for both OLTP and OLAP functionality. AWS S3 was selected as the storage solution for documents, contracts, and eSignature provider metadata, offering secure and durable storage with rapid access.

Migrating data from the client’s legacy storage presented a significant challenge due to the intricacies of mapping legacy data models and the scale of the client’s data. Intensifying communication and implementing an automatic script proved to be highly effective, strea

Our results

The new solution has allowed LegalShelf to significantly strengthen and dramatically expand their business presence on the Legal Tech market. More specifically, we’ve achieved the following results: 

  • The company’s client base has grown by around 30-40% (or around 20+ enterprise clients), while the number of the company’s employees has grown by a factor of 3.  
  • Our developed solution brought about a noteworthy reduction in costs for LegalShelf’s customer base. This enhancement in cost-effectiveness has made their services considerably more accessible, fostering a broader clientele.
  • The innovative project approach we have adopted allowed the client to not only meet current needs but also finance the development of more advanced features through the provision of the functionality we had developed previously. 

The client is now in a position to proceed to their next objective – customizing the functionality their solution provides to the needs of individual clients. 

Currently, LegalShelf’s solution represents the leading digital solution for document management in Latin America.

Client’s feedback

SPD Technology has always delivered on time, even when we’ve had to push the deadlines. SPD Technology’s commitment to projects is impressive; we’ve never felt like they’re part of a different company.
Alex Samano
CTO & CMO of Legal Shelf
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