A Pioneering Fintech Platform For Seamless Private Investment Management

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  • Centralized Management of Private Investments and Alternative Assets: successfully centralized private investments and alternative assets, providing users with a consolidated platform for efficient management.
  • Scalable Data Ingestion Process: implemented a robust and scalable data ingestion process, seamlessly collecting data from diverse third-party providers to ensure comprehensive financial insights.
  • Redesign UI/UX: revamped the interface to a modern, user-friendly UI/UX design, aligning with contemporary standards to enhance usability and deliver an enriched user experience.


Jaspy’s founder is a third-generation entrepreneur managing a family office, who was unable to find an intuitive and easy-to-use technology he could use. He launched Jaspy to streamline private and alternative investment management.

The founder of Jaspy, a third-generation entrepreneur managing a family office, encountered the challenge of lacking and easy-to-use intuitive technology for his needs. This prompted the launch of Jaspy, aimed at streamlining private and alternative investment management through user-friendly solutions.

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Jaspy is a pioneering, inclusive private market management platform. It connects people, intelligence & productivity through a technology service designed to make the placement of private investments faster, easier, and more accessible.

The platform serves as a centralized hub for engagement, data, and productivity, crafted by a family office overseeing a substantial venture portfolio. This user-friendly application is not only intuitive and flexible but also empowers users with robust data analysis, productivity, and reporting capabilities, extending beyond managing alternative assets to curate one’s comprehensive life portfolio.

Jaspy offers the infrastructure and tools necessary to efficiently manage financial assets and data, facilitating informed decision-making. Designed for use by family offices, corporations, university programs, and entrepreneurs, it caters to a wide spectrum of users.

Goals and objectives

  • Establish a streamlined data feed solution to swiftly integrate information from multiple 3rd-party sources, ensuring rapid availability of company data for end users. The system should provide easy adaptability, facilitating the seamless addition of new 3rd-party data providers with minimal complexity.
  • Make a full redesign into a modern, adaptive UI/UX layout using Figma. Ensure the UI is properly optimized for various devices and screen resolutions, offering proper rendering across different platforms.
  • Introduce new features encompassing investor profiles, fund details, company information, portfolio pages, and more to enhance the platform’s capabilities and user experience.

Project challenge

  1. Suboptimal Database Choice:
    Addressing the challenge posed by the previous tech partner’s choice of NoSQL MongoDB storage for relationship data, known for its difficulty in managing such use cases effectively.
  2. Absence of Data Streaming APIs:
    Overcoming limitations from 3rd party providers lacking data streaming APIs, with particular emphasis on the S&P Data provider that lacks any API altogether.
  3. Data Mapping Complexity:
    Ensuring accurate mapping of all data points from diverse 3rd party providers to align with the current data structure.
  4. Complex 3rd Party Data Schemas:
    Managing the high complexity of data schemas from various 3rd party providers, requiring meticulous handling for seamless integration.
  5. Challenges with Legacy Code:
    Tackling difficulties associated with the legacy platform’s code, authored by a different team, which posed challenges in terms of comprehension and maintenance.


For businesses like Jaspy, quick access to company data is crucial. SPD Tech has a wealth of experience in expediting data feed processes, involving web crawling and integrating with 3rd parties for such clients as PitchBook, Morningstar etc. Leveraging this experience, a sophisticated data feed service was crafted to efficiently retrieve data from these 3rd-party sources.

The main features of this solution include:

  1. Data Synchronization: Ensuring coherence between user and 3rd-party data changes.
  2. ETL Process: Crafting a streamlined process to unify and deliver 3rd-party data in a standardized format within Jaspy.
  3. Hierarchy Management: Addressing overlapping data by prioritizing and consolidating instances across multiple 3rd-party providers in alignment with established business priorities.
  4. Diverse Data Pull Mechanisms: Utilizing both CRON jobs and webhooks to extract data efficiently from various 3rd-party sources.

CRON jobs are efficiently implemented for scalability and cost-effectiveness, leveraging GCP Cloud functions and map-reduce methodologies.

Moreover, an adaptable interface was introduced to facilitate the seamless addition of new 3rd party providers. Each integration stands independently, ensuring easy replacement and maintenance.

Our results

  1. Scalable Data Ingestion Service:
    Successfully developed a scalable data ingestion service, enabling near real-time data retrieval from diverse 3rd party providers including Newscatcher, Owler, and S&P.
  2. Appealing Contemporary UI/UX:
    The SPD Technology team developed a new contemporary, visually appealing, and comprehensive design. This redesign enhances user experience and aligns with modern design standards.
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