Artem Dyranov

Artem Dyranov

Business Analyst at SPD Technology

Artem Dyranov’ strongest competency is navigating the dynamic intersection of technology and business objectives. Now, being a Business Analyst at SPD Technology, he bridges the gap between technical intricacies and client-centric solutions. He always sets a goal to make the business idea of a client a reality, through detailed requirements and specifications elicitation.

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    About the author

    Before starting my IT career, I had worked in the Banking industry. My journey at SPD Technology began in 2012, in the role of Quality Assurance Engineer. During my 8 years as a QA, I learned a lot about the projects and the business context of the clients and was eventually promoted to the role of Business Analyst in 2019. 

    I have experience in projects in the Retail, Security, Tourism, Budgeting, Legaltech, Wholesale, Investment, and Special Education industries while having the most insights in Documentation, Fintech, and Family Budgeting software products, as well as a Special Education product for children in the USA. 

    It’s great to have an opportunity to contribute to our blog and highlight our achievements, as we did in one of my projects, a Legaltech solution for a LATAM Startup.