“The situation is extraordinary. It was hard to believe in this scenario, but it is war!”
— Bogdan Khalyapin, Co-Founder, Co-CEO

On February 24, 2022, Russia started a military invasion of Ukraine. SPD Technology has three offices in Ukraine, as well as experts across the country. We are making sure that all of our employees and their relatives are safe, being able to relocate when necessary.

We stand with Ukraine and actively help the Ukrainian people to stop the enemy by assigning a significant part of our income to support the army and humanitarian needs.

You can support Ukraine right now by:

  • Starting a business with Ukrainian companies and promoting this move through your business networks and social media
  • Remaining partners with Ukrainian companies if you already have business relationships
  • Donating to help civilians and supporting the defenders of Ukraine

How YOU can help?

Hire Ukrainians
Volunteer or help professionally

It will be very impactful if you join peaceful rallies in your location and publicly appeal to your governments to support Ukraine in these historical times!

As a company, we continue to offer software development services to our clients and deliver the best results as much as possible at the moment.

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