Overhauling and Developing Several Real Estate Products for an Israeli Technology Provider

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  • Tailored Applications Delivery: successfully delivered a diverse array of applications meticulously crafted to meet the unique requirements of the client.
  • Sophisticated Calculation Functionalities: implemented intricate calculation functionalities, elevating the overall capabilities of the solutions to meet advanced computational needs.
  • Agile Response to Client Changes: demonstrated adaptability by incorporating multiple client-initiated changes, ensuring the seamless evolution of the solution to align with dynamic needs.
  • Infrastructure Optimization: significantly reduced infrastructure costs, contributing to a more streamlined and cost-effective framework for the client.


Our client is an Israeli technology vendor with offices in Israel, the U.S., and Brazil that develops a suite of products for the Real Estate industry and caters for the Israeli and Brazilian markets.

The client was unable to achieve their development objectives by means of their in-house development team. The company initially approached SPD Technology to streamline a software application that serves the Brazilian Real Estate market, but later engaged us to expand, develop, or overhaul 5 more of their software products.

Team Size:


The client’s suite of Real Estate products initially consisted of 5 standalone software applications some of which were later integrated. 

Presently, the client’s products include:

  • Multiple Listing Service System – an advanced Real Estate application, geared toward a general audience. 

The application provides a listing of real estate agencies and agents that each have a profile of their own. In addition to the agency profiles, there are also separate realtor profiles and property developer pages.  

Realtors can place property ads using detailed property detail pages. Property developers can add their property development projects on separate pages too. 

  • Two Property Dashboards (for the Israeli and Brazilian markets)

The client’s Property Dashboards are analytical Real Estate applications that allow estimating properties’ current value and forecasting their future value for an extensive period of time. 

The Brazilian Dashboard allows quickly learning the current price of any kind of property in Brazil and forecasts the price of a property located in the city for the next 2 years. One can calculate the median price for purchase and rental, obtain information on how a selected location influences the property prices, and compare a property with 5 other properties.  

  • Price Calculator

The Price Calculator is an application that allows calculating the price of a property by using multiple criteria.

As any of the parameters is changed, the calculation result is dynamically recalculated. 

Realtors can generate a pdf report with the calculation result and share it via social media. 

  • Tax Calculator

The client’s tax calculator calculates the amount of tax to be paid after buying a property. The application takes into account the type of the property and the user’s tax situation (if they have any tax discounts).

  • Mortgage Calculator

The client’s solution also includes a mortgage calculator. The calculator allows calculating a mortgage for a selected property by indicating multiple diverse criteria. It is also possible to calculate for several mortgages simultaneously, while taking into account any possible interrelations between them. The calculation result is presented to the user in the form of a dynamic graph.     

Goals and objectives

The main goal of our cooperation was equipping the client with a comprehensive product suite to allow them to competitively provide a full range of services to their target markets.

  • Significantly improve the quality of the dashboard by completely overhauling this app.
  • Expand the MLS application by adding the bulk of its present-day functionality (including  agency and realtor profiles, property detail pages, property developer pages, pages for the property developers’ projects, and 3 calculators).

Project challenge

Our experts were engaged to completely overhaul, expand, integrate, or develop from scratch a total of 5 software products, while working on them in parallel. 

Our project team has also come across the following challenges: 

  1. Implementation of Intricate Calculation Functionality: implement complex calculation functionalities involving multiple parameters, requiring meticulous attention to detail and precision in execution.
  2. Tight Deadlines: manage and meet tight deadlines, demonstrating the team’s commitment to delivering high-quality results within constrained timeframes.
  3. Client-Initiated Changes to Initial Solution Blueprint: adapt to multiple changes introduced by the client, showcasing flexibility in modifying the initial solution blueprint to align with evolving requirements.
  4. Right-to-Left Alignment of the UI: address the challenge of implementing right-to-left alignment in the user interface, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for specific language requirements.


We’ve delivered a comprehensive solution that has enabled the customer to pursue their business goals, and, namely:

  • Dramatically expanded the functionality of the client’s MLS by adding the Agency, Realtor, and Property Developer functionality to it.
  • Developed the frontend of the Pricer application.
  • Developed the Tax Calculator application from the ground up.
  • Completely overhauled the Brazilian Dashboard application.
  • Re-developed the backend  part of the Mortgage Calculator and re-designed its UI. 
  • Integrated the Mortgage Calculator and the Tax Calculator with the MLS application.
  • Developed APIs for the Israeli Dashboard application.

We were initially engaged to develop the frontend of the Brazilian Dashboard. Satisfied with the result, the client extended our cooperation to the development of the backend of this system. As a consequence, we’ve completely overhauled the application. 

At the start of the project, the client’s MLS application represented a small app that consisted of the About section and a map with properties. Combining the design and development stages, we’ve dramatically expanded the solution to include its present functionality. To make the application more SEO-friendly, the development process was taken part in by our SEO expert. To optimize the client’s costs, we’ve proactively optimized the solution’s infrastructure by moving it to a serverless (AWS) architecture. 

Lastly, to make the client’s solutions more usable, we’ve integrated their MLS system with the Mortgage calculator. 

Currently (October of 2023), our experts are involved in incorporating client feedback.

Tech Stack

  • Python Python
  • Java Java
  • Typescript Typescript
  • NodeJS NodeJS
  • React Native React Native

Our results

Having started small and delivering excellent results, SPD Technology’s project team has gradually turned into the client’s main development force. In the course of the project, the client repeatedly expanded the project scope and engaged us to completely re-develop two of the applications that make up their product suite. 

As a result, we have: 

  1. Market Expansion Due to Delivery of New Functions and Significant Dashboard Improvements
    Delivered all the required functionality on time and on budget, enabling the client to fully service their target markets. For instance, the Brazilian Dashboard currently enables the client to service a total of 10000 clients and cooperate with around 100 brokers on Brazil’s national market.
  2. Elimination of Recurring Infrastructure Costs:
    Enabled the client to completely dispose of the recurring infrastructure costs leveraging optimal framework
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