Enhancing Go-to-Market (GTM) Strategies with Sprocket

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  • Sales Data Analytics at Scale: Successfully implemented a robust sales data analytics system, capable of handling millions of sales data entries with precision.
  • Tailored B2B Sales Analytics for Finance Sector: Developed a sophisticated B2B sales data analytics system specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the finance sector. Notably, this system boasts near real-time data availability and high-performance analytics capabilities.
  • Cost-Effective and Scalable Serverless Architecture: Developed a cost-effective and scalable solution leveraging a Serverless architecture. This approach not only ensures optimal performance but also minimizes infrastructure costs, aligning with efficient resource utilization.


Sprocket, headquartered in Georgia, is a company deeply committed to fostering personal happiness and professional growth among its employees, customers, and supporters. The core concept of the Sprocket application revolves around driving capital efficiencies. By doing so, its partners can empower themselves, their employees, and their businesses, offering the best opportunities for success and accelerating overall growth.

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Sprocket RevOps https://trysprocket.com/overview/

Sprocket is a cutting-edge go-to-market platform designed to streamline and enhance business operations, particularly in B2B sectors. It specializes in identifying and prioritizing profitable market segments and customer profiles, thereby optimizing sales and marketing strategies. The platform ensures operational alignment across departments, enhancing revenue efficiency and strategic collaboration. Sprocket stands out as the only GTM platform that is able to continuously, and equitably, keep the best accounts in front of your teams to maximize revenue. This focus on equitable distribution and revenue maximization makes it a valuable asset for businesses aiming to improve their market positioning and sales effectiveness.

Goals and objectives

The primary goal is to revotransform businesses’ go-to-market strategies, emphasizing efficiency and profitability through data-driven insights and strategic optimization.

  • Streamline Sales and Marketing Strategies: transition from traditional, less efficient sales and marketing approaches to a more targeted strategy. Utilize comprehensive sales data, including data from platforms like Salesforce, to refine and optimize outreach efforts.
  • Enhance Target Market Identification: focus on identifying and prioritizing the most profitable customer segments and company types for future sales endeavors. Leverage insights from historical sales data and current market trends to guide strategic decision-making.
  • Optimize Territory Planning: regularly adjust and update target accounts for go-to-market teams, ensuring alignment with the most valuable customer profiles and the latest market data. This ensures dynamic adaptability to market changes and customer preferences.
  • Visualize Sales Results and Market Trends: create customizable dashboards and reports that offer clear visualizations of sales performance, market trends, and customer engagement metrics. This visual representation makes complex data accessible and actionable, facilitating informed decision-making throughout the organization.

Project challenge

  1. Handling the data for even a medium-sized company involves managing over a million historical sales records, coupled with the influx of hundreds of thousands of new data entries every month.
  2. Data Standardization Issues: the absence of a standardized structure in sales data across various companies demands the creation of a robust system capable of harmonizing diverse data formats. Achieving this standardization is imperative to facilitate effective analysis and optimal utilization of the data for informed decision-making.
  3. Implementation of complex business logic and complicated patent-pending customer profile algorithms.


The SPD Technology, collaborating with the Sprocket team, successfully developed a web application to meet predefined business objectives.

For the efficient import and unification of millions of sales records, AWS Batch was strategically employed, facilitating robust and rapid data processing. Performance optimization techniques, including proficient database index management, partitioning, and efficient caching mechanisms, further enhanced the system’s responsiveness.

The API layer was constructed using a Serverless architecture, chosen for its cost-effectiveness and scalability, reflecting a well-balanced approach to system design and resource optimization in achieving business goals.

In the realm of Java development, the adoption of Quarkus, in conjunction with GraalVM native images, proved to be highly effective. This combination delivered exceptional performance, marked by increased processing speed and operational efficiency.

In summary, the development of the Sprocket platform represents a significant milestone in data-driven business strategy enhancement. Its ability to process vast amounts of sales data, provide actionable insights through advanced analytics, and present information in a user-friendly format sets a new standard in business intelligence solutions.

Our results

Our accomplishment includes the successful development of business intelligence application, empowering users with robust visual data analytics capabilities to gain deeper insights into business needs.

  • The platform excels in importing and consolidating millions of records within a remarkably short span.
  • The developed solution processes millions of sales data with exceptional speed, boasting lightning-fast performance and a response time of less than 2 seconds.
  • Achieved an extraordinary milestone with API compute and frontend infrastructure costs reduced to $0, ensuring a cost-effective operational model.
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