Delivering an AI-Powered Phone Call Assistant for a Global Leader in Recruitment and Background Screening

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  • Partnering with a Top Recruitment Agency: delivering a cutting-edge web app for a company that revolutionizes background screening, helping to save up to around 30% of onboarding costs for leading Fortune 500 companies.
  • Delivering Custom Web Development and AI/ML Expertise: transforming the key business processes of our client by creating a tailored software solution that leverages the latest advancements in Machine Learning, Voice Recognition, and Natural Language Processing.


The client is a tech-driven recruitment agency, working with leading companies from different industries. Thanks to implementing the latest technology advancements, and around-the-clock support, our client is well respected and has a significant market presence in the niche. 

Team Size:


The product is a web app with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning functionality, helping the client to hire the most suitable experts for its customer companies. Specifically, the product is focused on automating the background check process, saving a lot of time for recruiters and improving operational efficiency for the client. 

Goals and objectives

  1. Automate the Process of Reference Calls for Background Checks: Developing an ML-powered solution that automatically schedules, conducts, and analyzes reference calls, eliminating the need for any intervention by the client’s employees.
  2. Optimize ML Solution: Ensuring that the AI part of the project performs at its best, with all reference calls adhering to a standardized set of questions, eliminating interviewer bias and variability.
  3. Turning Our Product into Software as a Service (SaaS): After a successful internal launch, release the product publicly, making it available for any organization that requires this functionality. 

Project challenge

  1. Automated Calls with Human-Like Voice: deliver planned functionality to improve mission-critical objectives for the client, managing unexpected scenarios and out-of-scope questions to prevent the conversations from breaking down.
  2. Blend Custom Development Expertise with 3rd-Party Integration: leverage our proficiency in Web Development and Machine Learning combined with the integration of cutting-edge out-of-the-box tools to deliver the most powerful and stable solution. 


We worked on this project for 4 months, and to reach our goals we assembled a team consisting of:

  • Solution Architect
  • Project Manager
  • Lead Backend Developer
  • Lead Frontend Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Frontend Developer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer. 

The process started with initial research, the creation of Software Requirements Specification (SRS), and the design of UI/UX mockups of a web application. We decided to go with React for building user interfaces, due to our broad experience with it and a component-based structure that makes the codebase easier to manage and maintain for future product iterations. 

The highlight of the development process was the integration of, a 3rd-party AI/ML service for phone call automation. It is the world’s first-ever AI service, capable of providing up to 40-minute-long phone calls that sound like a real human, with infinite memory and perfect recall. 

To integrate the AI/ML solution with the existing software infrastructure of the client, our team used a combination of API and web crawling to ensure accurate background checks for each case. 

We developed a custom admin panel to manage automated call results.

Finally, our QA Engineer conducted rigorous testing activities to make sure that the web app meets the requirements and works as expected in real-world environments.

Tech Stack

  • React Web React
  • TypeScript  Web TypeScript
  • Java APIJava
  • SpringBoot APISpringBoot
  • PostgreSQL APIPostgreSQL
AI/ML Development
  • AI/ML
Third Parties
  • Third
  • Auth0 Third PartiesAuth0
  • AWS InfrastructureAWS
  • GitHub InfrastructureGitHub
  • GitHub Actions InfrastructureGitHub Actions

Our results

We successfully delivered planned functionality on time and within budget, allowing the client to claim the world’s easiest background checks for businesses of all sizes as the core market advantage.

  1. 100% Automated Phone Call Solution for the Back-Office: The creation of a custom web application allowed the client to dramatically improve the speed of background checks, saving costs and freeing up hands for human employees. 
  2. Public Release of the Web Application: After the successful release of the app for internal client usage, proving its tangible advantages, we are ready to turn the product into SaaS and make it available to the mass market.
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