Developing a Video Conferencing App For The Groundbreaking eLearning Startup

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  • Extended User Base Growth: delivered the product aligned with our client’s core business goals, which already has 30,000+ active users.
  • Successful App Launch: developed and released apps with up to 1000 weekly downloads for iOS and Android, which is an impressive number for the eLearning industry.
  • Partnerships with Well-Known Universities on 4 Continents: introduced an innovative software solution that gained significant visibility and reputation for our client across the educational space.


Our client is a North American eLearning startup, founded by a group of seasoned technologists. They have a vision to offer an effective alternative to Zoom and Meet, which had control over the students, and specific features for users that would allow a more effective educational process. The startup quickly raised investments, and the attention of media, potential users, and tech experts.

Team Size:


An innovative, full-blown eLearning platform, designed to organize and comprehensively manage the eLearning process at universities through the delivery of audio, video, and other content and in-depth learner engagement analytics. 

The platform comprises a Web-based application for learners, a desktop application for instructors, and two mobile apps – for  IOS and Android. This solution stands out among the competitors by offering roles for teachers and students, with different access levels.

Goals and objectives

  • Drive User Engagement: Develop built-in engagement drivers such as quizzes, polls, and content-sharing to achieve maximum user engagement.
  • Offer Wide Functionality for Students: Implement the student activity tracking feature, both individually and as a group, as well as provide the ability for students to collaborate in small groups that can coexist within the larger class settings. 
  • Deliver Convenience for Instructors: Ensure a 1:1 learning experience and peer-to-peer instruction without interference from others as a part of basic functionality. This results in complete control of the learning process for the instructors.
  • Maximize Digital Inclusivity: Allow the application to work on old devices, smart TVs, mobile phones, and with a slow internet connection to make the platform available for every student. 

Project challenge

  1. Complex Live Video Streaming Technology:
    Working out the ways to get the best results out of modern technology and building a cutting-edge application according to the current industry standards.
  2. Performance Optimization and Stability:
    Deliver the fastest and the smoothest performance of the product, to ensure the highest customer experience and customer satisfaction levels. 


In the first six months, our team of mostly Front-End developers was heavily involved in a software development process, including new UI/UX components, the connection, and visualization of components for web and desktop versions of the application. 

The desktop version is developed on electron, and relies more on the streaming functionality, which is covered by third-party experts, and aimed at usage by instructors. The students use a more simple browser version of an app. Our team was responsible for introducing the core features and their integration with the service, along with expanding the functionality and adding new logic. Working with already written code for the streaming part, we reported all the issues to the tech lead and optimized everything we can on our side.

We successfully achieved a level of video streaming quality that would be up to par with that of well-known video conferencing platforms. It proved to be all the more difficult to do on the mobile apps during their integration with the Web application. To resolve this, our developers had to make a considerable additional effort to optimize the solution’s code and DB. 

During mobile development, we had to use a free open-source library, MediaSoup. Despite the absence of any documentation on the library, our experts managed to get the best performance and stability thanks to their experience and decisions.

Tech Stack

  • Kotlin Mobile Kotlin
  • Swift  Mobile Swift
  • Node.js WebNode.js
  • React.js WebReact.js
  • Electron  WebElectron
  • Google Cloud  InfrastructureGoogle Cloud
Third Parties
  • Mediasoup Third PartiesMediasoup
  • Firebase Third PartiesFirebase
  • SocketIO Third PartiesSocketIO

Our results

We have successfully delivered all planned functionality of the client’s eLearning platform, helping to create a planned solution on time and on a budget.

  1. Consistent Tech Solution: The number of reported crashes and bugs of the third major version of the iOS app and the first version of the Android app for students is less than 1%. 
  2. Market Expansion: Our involvement allowed the client to become a global market player in the eLearning industry. 
  3. Continuous Evolution: Our team continues to be engaged in support and improvement of the product, as well as developing new features, adding new integrations, and providing new customizations. 
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