Andrii Kharchuk

Andrii Kharchuk

Java Engineering Manager

Andrii Kharchuk has been involved in software development for over two decades. He joined SPD Technology during the first year of the company’s existence. For two years, Andrii was an Engineering Manager for Poynt, one of our customers, the world-first and the most advanced smart payment terminal provider.

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    About the author

    I obtained my Master’s Degree in Automated Systems Software and began my IT career as a QA Expert. My journey in SPD Technology started in 2006, as I took on the role of Java Developer. Working on several eCommerce projects as a developer, I gradually became a Manager/Team Lead for NimbleCommerce, the leading digital commerce platform for promotions. 

    Currently, I manage several teams as a PPL manager from the SPD Technology side.

    I am grateful to have the opportunity to contribute to the engaging content of our blog since I have decades of hands-on experience, a lot of narrow expertise and domain-specific knowledge to share with our readers.