Elevating Security and Software Functionality for Loyalty Management Company 

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  • Renewal of an App with a 10 Million Users Base: Successfully updated and enhanced functionality for a large user base and operational staff.
  • Tailored Surveys Developed from Scratch: Custom-designed surveys strategically targeting specific demographics, effectively distributed via email.
  • Seamless Integration with Third-Party Providers: Expanded functionality through integration with third-party providers, facilitating email marketing, communication, and incentive-driven initiatives.


RewardHoldings is a pioneering B2B2C company operating within the loyalty management industry, dedicated to revolutionizing brand engagement and user insights. From the B2C perspective, the company provides users with reward platforms that allow them to earn points through activities such as completing offers and surveys, watching videos, entering free promo codes, and more.

Since its inception in 2012, RewardHoldings has evolved into a great force in the online rewards space, boasting a portfolio of successful platforms including GrabPoints, ZoomBucks, GCLoot, and FreeCryptoRewards. With a primary focus on facilitating rewardable transactions between researchers and publishers, RewardHoldings has garnered immense success, reaching a milestone of 10 million users by 2022.

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Reward Holdings’ web solution empowers users by providing them access to a wide range of “get-paid-to” surveys sourced from different providers. It handles the payout process for completed surveys and gathers invaluable user insights that benefit advertisers. The platform is designed to cater to diverse demographics globally, serving both individuals seeking rewards and advertisers and researchers aiming for targeted data collection. 

Goals and objectives

  • Develop a Survey Module: Develop a survey module aimed at collecting demographic data from users. Ensure that surveys are distributed through email by partnering with multiple loyalty program providers to reach the most relevant audience.
  • Engage More Customers: Implement incentive-driven initiatives that motivate users to engage more actively with the app and refer others to join the program thanks to email marketing and incentive programs.
  • Enhance Fraud Control: Integrate third-party API solutions to implement security rules aimed at detecting and preventing fraudulent activities effectively.
  • Revamp an Admin Panel: Improve control and management capabilities for company employees while also boosting operational efficiency.

Project challenge

  1. Outdated IT Infrastructure Management: The existing infrastructure relied on outdated systems and lacked the necessary software installed.
  2. Limited Server Capacity: The existing servers were overloaded, yet the demand for running more tasks and apps increased. Therefore, we needed to find innovative solutions and optimization techniques to reduce server load.


In pursuit of project goals, our team executed a thorough solution focused on crafting the web application featuring an advanced admin interface and seamless incorporation of multiple third-party providers.

Our team developed a robust survey module from scratch to gather valuable user feedback and demographic information. This module consists of several components:

  • Demographic Questions: Users are prompted to answer demographic questions to provide insights into their profile, preferences, and interests. 
  • Providers Integration: The platform dynamically loads surveys from different providers and applies filters based on users’ demographic profiles. 
  • Email Sending Functionality: We implemented a feature that enables the immediate sending of the most suitable surveys to users via email. The system takes into account users’ time zones to schedule email delivery at optimal times.

To enhance the survey module, we extended the functionality of the software leveraging several third-party services:

  • SendGrid: Used for efficient and reliable email delivery to users, ensuring timely communication of survey opportunities.
  • Twilio: Incorporated for referral programs, encouraging existing users to refer friends and family to join the loyalty program.
  • Tango Card: Integrated for seamless reward distribution to users upon completion of surveys, incentivizing participation and driving user satisfaction.
  • PayPal: Supported secure payment processing for reward redemption, offering users flexibility and convenience in accessing their rewards.
  • IPQualityScore: Implemented for fraud detection and prevention measures, safeguarding the integrity of the platform and protecting against malicious activities.

Additionally, our team implemented new security protocols tailored to detect and flag fraudulent activity. This was made possible through the integration of 4 offer providers, 5 survey providers, and 1 reward provider. We also implemented a robust admin panel equipped with tools for efficient management, including user, content, and reward management. Improving the admin panel enhances operational control, enabling informed decisions to optimize performance and user satisfaction. 

Tech Stack

  • Java 8 Java 8
  • Spring Spring
  • Hibernate Hibernate
  • Kotlin Kotlin
  • React React
  • Twillio Twillio
  • SendGrid SendGrid
  • PayPal PayPal
  • IPQualityScore IPQualityScore

Our results

We successfully delivered a robust and secure loyalty management software on time, enabling Reward Holdings to operate with enhanced efficiency. The collaboration was successful, and we are continuing to work together on support, scalability, and mobile app development.

  1. Added 24 New Security Rules: Delivered a secure loyalty management platform and admin panel, both designed to prevent fraud. 
  2. Robust Survey Module: Developed demographic-targeted mechanism that contributes to increased relevance and potential maximization of ROI.  
  3. User Base Expansion: Utilizing an extensive survey functionality that incorporates demographic data, users receive relevant and engaging surveys via email, maximizing participation and response rates.
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