Creating an API Service and BI Dashboards for an Embedded Insurance API Provider

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  • Effortless API Integration: created interactive API documentation to simplify and accelerate the incorporation of insurance service into the end-users journey across various industries.
  • Strategic Decision Empowerment: developed a Business Intelligence dashboard that allows customer’s business users to make informed decisions through insurance products A/B testing.


Our customer is a B2B company that provides an embedded insurance solution. The key goal of the customer’s product is to give other companies an easy way of adding insurance coverage to their service offer and integrating this add-on option into their customers’ journey in several clicks. Thus, the API is used by travel agencies, transportation companies and other risk carriers from different industries.

Team Size:


“Use our simple API to add insurance into your customer journey” is our customer’s motto. After integrating an API with the website, the business user can choose from dozens of insurance packages to form the service offering that caters to the needs of end clients best. 

To make the integration experience as simple and effective as possible, the company applied to SPD tech with a request to create an API service (a hosted service that provides access to a particular set of functionalities or data through an API). Our client was also eager to start leveraging data-driven insights and build custom BI dashboards for this goal. 

We extended the customer’s in-house development team with a Business Analyst and Front-end developer. 

Goals and objectives

  • Create an Embedded Insurance API Service: we were tasked to prepare documentation, code examples, and usage guidelines to facilitate proper integration.
  • Improve the Integration Experience for API Users: help business users test and interact with the API; improve their experience by showing how to integrate it into their services. 
  • Develop Custom Business Intelligence Dashboards: the task of our Business Intelligence Specialist was to create an A/B testing module, so that business users can confidently choose the insurance product that suits their audience best. 

Project challenge

  1. Manual Business Intelligence Dashboards Creation:
    Create custom BI dashboards in QuickSight which has a relatively limited functionality compared to other BI solutions.
  2. API Service Logic Development:
    Develop logic that can handle a dynamically created OpenAPI Specification.


 Our software programmer designed the front-end of an API service that allows users to view and test APIs directly from a web browser. It generates an interactive documentation interface that displays information about API endpoints, parameters, request/response examples, and other details specified in the OpenAPI Specification.

Tech Stack

  • Angular.js WebAngular.js
  • PrimenG WebPrimenG
  • Java API Java
  • Spring API Spring

Our results

Our collaboration with the customer goes on. To date, we have delivered the next business and technical values:

  1. Simplified API integration: streamlined the API integration process by providing the customer’s business users with interactive documentation. 
  2. Improved User Experience: improved the overall integration experience by leveraging a user-centric approach for creating interactive API documentation. 
  3. A/B Testing Module: provided the customer’s users with valuable insights into the performance of different insurance products, enabling them to tailor their insurance offers strategically.
  4. Clear Data Analytics: enabled the customer to get daily insights on sales and revenue metrics. 
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